Dia de Gracias

21 Nov

It is the day before Thanksgiving and I’m still in bed drinking a second cup of coffee, Oliver asleep beside me, as I watch the early morning light reach the domes and spires of San Miguel.  The day promises to be lovely with temperatures now in the 40s, a predicted high of 79.  Since moving to San Miguel I have a new appreciation of the word “azure” as it relates to the color of the sky; it is, indeed, a deeper blue than I have know before, no doubt a consequence of the altitude.

Thanksgiving is that quintessential American holiday.  Because of the number of Americans in San Miguel, shopkeepers work hard to provide all the “fixings” and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pies are readily available, as are turkeys of course, free-range or otherwise.  A few weeks ago cans of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce began to appear on the shelves and a few places even have real cranberries for sale.   We will be sharing the traditional feast with our friends and neighbors, Tom and Barry, with whom we created a menu as well as a division of labor.  Since our oven is too small to accommodate a turkey, we will be dining at their home just down the road.

I am deep into Level 2 Spanish and will spend tomorrow morning in class as I will every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 9 to noon for the next three weeks.  I am finding it extremely challenging as I learn the first, second and third person singular and plural, word order, direct and indirect pronouns.   I’m struggling mightily with word order.  For example, instead of saying “I gave it to him,” one would say “To him it I gave.”  Or rather than ask “Did you buy it for him?,” one would ask “For him it did you buy?”   My teacher assures me that over time I will develop “Spanish mind” and it will all fall into place; I remain skeptical but willing.  It is an intensive course of study and I find it completely preoccupying.  As Oliver and I walk about town I am always practicing my Spanish out loud to myself and am confident some locals wonder about the crazy gringa that talks to herself.

Speaking of my Spanish class, I still have a few hours of homework awaiting me which I can’t put off any longer; consider this a pebble at your Thanksgiving window.  I leave you with my warmest wishes for a joyous holiday surrounded by those you love.  May we all remember the abundance of life and the bountiful bonus of friendship, past, present and ongoing.

2 Responses to “Dia de Gracias”

  1. Kim November 21, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Michael and Oliver. Good luck with your Spanish lessons; you are amazing. With love, Kim, Terry, Sophie and Buddy

  2. Tom November 21, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

    You can speak Spanish like Yoda. Happy Thanksgiving!

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